Edge of sahyadri, around Nashik

Ever since I trekked Through Sahyadri, the Mountains & the night sky have fascinated me. Photographing & presenting this Natural beauty of Western Ghats in front of a viewer is fantastic experience for me. I guess this film will help people in spreading message for conservation of flora & fauna of Western Ghats.
I have decided to shoot the Sahaydri Mountains purely out of passion.
At the moment the film is this film has been shot around Nashik, Maharashtra.

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Edge_of_Sahaydri_around_Nashik from PRAVIN ASWALE PHOTOGRAPHY on Vimeo.


Jatra: a yearly religious fairwell of God Mhasoba Maharaj in my town Devlali, Nashik, India. A colourful event full of food, colours, people & fun. some colours i saw there in the event!


Natural marvel, the western cliff of Mount Harishchandragad, popularaly known as “KOKAN-KADA”, sonaki flowers are in full bloom during monsoon,
The north Western Ghats of India, very reach in bio diversity, the lateritic plateau allows many species of grass and small water plants to grow during the monsoon. Maharashtra, India.

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Clouds @ Dusk, Nashik, India.


Clouds @ Dusk, Nashik, India.
Clouds & the long rays of sun made the mood of the picture! I knew it will be amazing out there and hence despite heavy rains in the city i left out in search of subjects with dear Ganesh Shirsath, it was fabulous search of eternal echo, with his flute and the roaring thunders & bolts.
8th May 2016, the non monsoon or early monsoon thunders gathered and with roaring winds & thunder bolts it rained heavy around Nashik, Maharashtra, India.
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अापण दत्तोबांसारखे नशीबवान! अाकाशातल्या मुक्त ढगांच्या रंगांचा कॅनव्हास व चांदण्यांचा सहवास नेहमीच बघावयास योग्य जागी योग्य वेळी असण्याची भाग्य लाभलयं! लाखो रुपये मिळतील म्हणुन मनाविरुध्द, एथिक्स सोडुन काम करण नाही जमत, जमनारही नाही. बर्याच लोकांना हे रंग खोटे असल्याचा भास होतो! हो खरच काही लोकांना विश्वासच बसत नाही हे असं दिसतं निसर्गात, कारण डोळे वर करुन अाकाशाकडे बघायला वेळच नसतो, कारण त्यांच जगणं मुळात स्वतंसाठी नसतच, ह्या चंगळवादी जगात ते गहाण असतं वित्तसंस्थांकडे! प्रदुषन, वातावरणातील धुळ, हवेतील अाद्रता ह्या सगळ्यांचा योग्य समतोल असला की अापला पिक्चर पाणचट हिंदी सिनेमापेक्षा भारी होणारं हा विश्वास ठासुन अाहे अापल्यात!

तिरढ्यातले दत्तोबा भेटले, काय करतोय हे सागीतल्यावर काल याहीपेक्षा भारी होतं म्हटले.
दत्तोबा गायी घेऊन निघालेत, २०-२५ गायी, एक पिशवीभर सामान खाली घाट उतरुन कडव्याच्या खोर्यात चार महीणे काढणार, वर डोंगर माथ्यावर गायींना चारा, पाणी नाही म्हणुन भटकंती. परिसरातील बिबट्याची भीती नाही की चेहर्यावर निराशा नाही, डोळ्यात प्रचंड समाधान व अाशावाद! ते नेहमीच अनुभवत असलेल्या भन्नाट कॅनव्हासमध्ये त्यांनाही सामावण्याचा मोह मला अावरला नाही.
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Sun & Dangya Pinnacle


Sun setting behind the Dangya Pinnacle, Lake “V”, Maharashtra, India. some places are just magical, I don’t know why but I tend to go and shoot sun at this location repeatedly, and every time I get some thing very unique.


While wandering through the Sahyadri,  I do love to observe the surroundings lively, for tiny flowers, trees, lakes, mountains or either the any piece of art, that nature has created. Night sky has developed a great interest in me, that had lend me some good Milky Way Pictures. milky_way_MG_4227



I as shooting a movie, in mean while, i was looking at the transition of colours and reflection. the clouds turned warm the colour of water gone deep, this created the Mood for the picture and yes the grass complemented the composition.

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The KUMBHA MELA festival, known as the largest peaceful gathering, occurs once in 12 years as per Hindu calendar and is marked by participation of ‘sadhus’ from different denominations (akhadas), and lakhs of devotees. Kumbh is also known for the religious bath and colourful processions.
“This is not a common dip but the dip of immense faith which washes away all the evils and brings good luck,” said Jayant Shikhre, chairman of Trimbakeshwar Purohit Sangh.

Nashik is known for Pilgrim city since ancient times. Lord Rama has spent time at this place. Ramkund – Nasik Religious places. The ‘Ganges’ of the south, Ramkund in the sacred river Godavari, draws countless pilgrims every year.


The Ghat, here is very nice place, with some ancient temples and buildings, draws attention of many watercolor artists and yes it has supported many artists. You can compose many frames here the sky is limit! Here in this album I had tried to capture a morning scene of these holy Ghats, To maintain ancientness I had tried to shoot this place in two tone colors enjoy!

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