New Life



We see lot of things in Nature every day, But when we are bound with inner vision then what we see is something eternal!

Mango Tree, A Birds eye View.

Mango Tree, A Birds eye View.
Mango Tree, A Birds eye View.

Mango Tree, a Bird’s Eye View, I was there to shoot an architectural site, so I need to climb on a water tank, built over the building, when I look beneath I saw this beautiful mango tree with full bloom of new leaves this spring season, the colors and pattern it has adopted made this image beautiful piece of art.


After Life

i am always mesmerized by forms in nature, this one was shot for a series called “life after death”  every creature in the nature is get folded and shrink to its smallest form before it is being merged with Mother Earth,  She is so kind it accepts all. YOU CAN BUY THIS SERIES OF IMAGES CLICK HERE!