Jatra: a yearly religious fairwell of God Mhasoba Maharaj in my town Devlali, Nashik, India. A colourful event full of food, colours, people & fun. some colours i saw there in the event!

Young Shepherd

young shephard, documentary portraiture
Young Shephard

Promising young shepherd was feeding his lambs at the end of the day. These people use the bamboo sticks for controlling the lambs & for rest a while standing behind the ships & goats. Off-course this gave me opportunity to take beautiful portrait of this young man.

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Village Life, India.

colour full wall, hens, water, western ghats, people
Village Life, India,


Colorful Wall, in North Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India. People here in this part of the world choose very vivid colors for their doors and walls; i am always amazed with their sense of colors!


Old Shepherd with his Lamb
Old Shepherd with his Lamb

“Dhangars” are Indian nomadic people, mainly these people live in western ghats of Maharashtra. They travel with there lambs, and all the livelihood year around to feed themselves as well as there lambs. I saw there camp while on way to AAD FORT. The morning golden light made the picture more beautyful.

Church Gate

Church Gate

Church Gate: this interesting Portuguese door of the church,  i found in Daman,  India, while walking through the streets. This church was built around 400 yrs back in the colonizing days of Portuguese in India. A larger fort was built in Motidaman in the 16th century.  It still stands today, most of it preserved in its original form. Today the majority of the municipal government offices are situated inside this fort .Portuguese peoples ruled this part of India for many days, its influence can be seen on culture & architecture of this place.

Old Woman

OLD WOMAN, people of sahyadri

While trekking through Sahyadri, we meet this old lady, was in her late  70 but when she walked there was no sign of her age, very steady. She and her husband were about to cross a mountain, to meet there daughter, walked distance of around 25 kms. through mountains.