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We see lot of things in Nature every day, But when we are bound with inner vision then what we see is something eternal!


Mount Kalsubai, during monsoon this mountain range always remain hidden between the clouds.Maharashtra, India.


Khurasani Farm

pa__03812khurasani flowers: Monsson is real agriculture season in India. many people do cultivation on mountain slopes. KhuraasNi seeds (Botanical name: Veronina Anthelmintica). Slender black and nutritious, antihelmintic seeds are used to make Chutney.


Stream, Waterfall, Taked.
Waterfall, Taked.

This is perhaps from  my first Photo Trail this monsoon season. this season monsoon did well, perhaps at some location it pored too much. Was not able to be out there and shoot something, but this small excursion with my Friends turned out great photo-opportunity.

Path to Jahagirdarwadi

Path, way to Jahagirdarwadi wadi, maharashtra
Towards the village

“Path to Jahagirdarwadi”, This village is based at the base of Mount Kalsubai, the highest pick in Maharashtra, India. We were heading for our monsoon trek, I along with Adil, Santosh & Ganesh. On our way when we reached this beautiful village, here it was raining heavy, wind was blowing whistle at the maxim level. This beautiful frame was curvy road, homes behind were calling me get out of the car and shoot, I never rejects such calls Ganesh gave cover to me and camera and the frame is ready. The water was flowing everywhere, the rice paddy were flowing In such conditions the villagers were busy doing their routine tasks without any modern rain covers.



As soon as we reached the location near Tringalwadi Fort, the clouds gathered, roared, some lightening happened, soon it became dark followed by heavy rain for half n hour. It was a life time experience for me. Atmosphere was great!


rice paddy
Rice Paddy

Monsoon is everyone’s Favorited season in India, as it becomes lush green everywhere. I like the cloud play, the dark grey lush green-wet feel of the atmosphere.

Mount Ghanchakkar

Mount Ghanchakkar
Mount Ghanchakkar

Mount Ghanchakkar, the monsoon was over, these wild flower were in full bloom, i was tempted to include them in my otherwise dry landscape.