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We see lot of things in Nature every day, But when we are bound with inner vision then what we see is something eternal!

Falling Down

Water Falling Down, view from above the waterfall. The first rain made waterfalls and streams alive, with roaring & soothing music. 2016 July 3.falling_down_MG_7451


Mount Kalsubai, during monsoon this mountain range always remain hidden between the clouds.Maharashtra, India.


dry grass_pravin aswale

Dry Grass Series


Dry Grass Series, This is a series about grass beauty, forms, light, rhythm of nature!

Grass Flower

Grass Flower
Grass Flower

With globalization or urbanization on the rise around towns of India, the grasslands near all the cities and towns are vastly developed with constructions, industries and housings.  It is thus devastating the local ecology, thus affecting the life cycles of the plants, and small big creatures. May be  for future generation some of the species of plants and creatures will be vanished and can be seen only in pictures. Come together what we can do to stop this devastation.



Twine a Rising Grace; today it was a Clear Beautiful Morning the light was great, sky deep blue as I love it, and these splendid twines with creative twists, curves and forms invited me to create this Image. Western Ghats is very rich place, beautiful twines and plants.