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We see lot of things in Nature every day, But when we are bound with inner vision then what we see is something eternal!


Mount Kalsubai, during monsoon this mountain range always remain hidden between the clouds.Maharashtra, India.



While wandering through the Sahyadri,  I do love to observe the surroundings lively, for tiny flowers, trees, lakes, mountains or either the any piece of art, that nature has created. Night sky has developed a great interest in me, that had lend me some good Milky Way Pictures. milky_way_MG_4227


 Lake Side, tranquility with the warm touching hues of the dusk, i enjoyed the transitions of light, during the hour i spent there! Sahyadri, India.

” तलावाकाठी” 

सध्या मला जणु कैफ चढलाय सांयकाळच्या रंगांचा! संधीप्रकाशाचा हा प्रवास मला मोहीत करुन गेला!! सह्याद्रीत कुठेही गेलो तरी त्या वातावरणाचा नुरच न्यारा!


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Octagons, floral !! isn’t it interesting? Very amazing design I found in Konkan near Dighi port ferry!
“कोकण” खरच विशेष वाटतं ते घरांच्या अद्भुत रचनेसाठी व रंगासाठी! षटकोन, आयात, पानंफुलं सुंदरच!

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Maharani Jind Kaur Samadh, Panchavati, Nashik, India.

DomeMaharani Jind Kaur’s Samadh
Maharani Jind Kaur (1817 – 1 August 1863) was the youngest wife of the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, Ranjit Singh, and the mother of the last Maharaja, Duleep Singh. In the morning of 1 August 1863 Maharani Jind Kaur died peacefully in her sleep in Abingdon House, Kensington. Cremation was illegal in Great Britain before 1885 and Duleep Singh was refused permission to take his mother’s body to the Punjab, so it was kept for a while in the Dissenters’ Chapel in Kensal Green Cemetery. In the spring of 1864 the Maharaja obtained permission to take the body to Bombay in India, where it was cremated, and he erected a small samadh in memory of his mother on the Panchavati side of the Godavari River. The memorial was maintained by the Kapurthala State Authorities until 1924, when Princess Bamba Sutherland moved her remains and the memorial to the Samadh of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Lahore.

source wikipedia

Long Drive


Once upon a time on a long drive, with my Canon EOS and Fiat! i Enjoy driving along with shooting, while i go with my friends on shoot i love to rally my car, these days driving is becoming my other passion along with photography.

Church Gate

Church Gate

Church Gate: this interesting Portuguese door of the church,  i found in Daman,  India, while walking through the streets. This church was built around 400 yrs back in the colonizing days of Portuguese in India. A larger fort was built in Motidaman in the 16th century.  It still stands today, most of it preserved in its original form. Today the majority of the municipal government offices are situated inside this fort .Portuguese peoples ruled this part of India for many days, its influence can be seen on culture & architecture of this place.