I as shooting a movie, in mean while, i was looking at the transition of colours and reflection. the clouds turned warm the colour of water gone deep, this created the Mood for the picture and yes the grass complemented the composition.

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While it’s summer going on when I shot this picture, everywhere it was rude,I and this time I really went in for shooting smaller portions of land trying to find interest in the frame, as it was morning there’s rocks were looking beautifully casting amazing shadows and forms to look at them.


dry grass_pravin aswale

Dry Grass Series


Dry Grass Series, This is a series about grass beauty, forms, light, rhythm of nature!







Very Graceful subject, Butterflies have been favorite subject for Photographers and Painters around the world for centuries. Their unique forms and vivid colors attract everyone. At the same time the butterflies play very important role in the process of pollination. While sucking honey from flowers the carry pollens with them while wondering in the field they visit many plants and flowers along with they spread pollens and entire garden/field is fertilized.