Edge of sahyadri, around Nashik

Ever since I trekked Through Sahyadri, the Mountains & the night sky have fascinated me. Photographing & presenting this Natural beauty of Western Ghats in front of a viewer is fantastic experience for me. I guess this film will help people in spreading message for conservation of flora & fauna of Western Ghats.
I have decided to shoot the Sahaydri Mountains purely out of passion.
At the moment the film is this film has been shot around Nashik, Maharashtra.

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Edge_of_Sahaydri_around_Nashik from PRAVIN ASWALE PHOTOGRAPHY on Vimeo.

Sun Rising

sun rising
Sun Rising

This was the beautiful morning ever I had experienced. Our day started at 5 o’clock in the morning, we started trekking over the mountain to reach the specific spot on Fort Harishchandra. Fort Harishchandra is one of the richest places in bio-diversity. The day was quiet hectic but at the end I got some nice landscapes, here is one of them the first one of that day.  YOU CAN BUY THIS IMAGE CLICK HERE