Edge of sahyadri, around Nashik

Ever since I trekked Through Sahyadri, the Mountains & the night sky have fascinated me. Photographing & presenting this Natural beauty of Western Ghats in front of a viewer is fantastic experience for me. I guess this film will help people in spreading message for conservation of flora & fauna of Western Ghats.
I have decided to shoot the Sahaydri Mountains purely out of passion.
At the moment the film is this film has been shot around Nashik, Maharashtra.

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Edge_of_Sahaydri_around_Nashik from PRAVIN ASWALE PHOTOGRAPHY on Vimeo.


Jatra: a yearly religious fairwell of God Mhasoba Maharaj in my town Devlali, Nashik, India. A colourful event full of food, colours, people & fun. some colours i saw there in the event!

New Life



We see lot of things in Nature every day, But when we are bound with inner vision then what we see is something eternal!

Babool Tree


Babool Tree, against the expanse of clouds during dusk!



I as shooting a movie, in mean while, i was looking at the transition of colours and reflection. the clouds turned warm the colour of water gone deep, this created the Mood for the picture and yes the grass complemented the composition.

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lush, green, morning, landscape

Its beautiful out there, these beautiful colours always entice me to go out and shoot some compositions! I am really happy I live in a very lively environment, this is just nearby my place!


 Lake Side, tranquility with the warm touching hues of the dusk, i enjoyed the transitions of light, during the hour i spent there! Sahyadri, India.

” तलावाकाठी” 

सध्या मला जणु कैफ चढलाय सांयकाळच्या रंगांचा! संधीप्रकाशाचा हा प्रवास मला मोहीत करुन गेला!! सह्याद्रीत कुठेही गेलो तरी त्या वातावरणाचा नुरच न्यारा!


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Textures @ SEA SHORE, 

While wandering on seashore, I found these  textures on the sea floor Yes some unbelievably beautyful textures and coloursFine art image gallery!