While wandering through the Sahyadri,  I do love to observe the surroundings lively, for tiny flowers, trees, lakes, mountains or either the any piece of art, that nature has created. Night sky has developed a great interest in me, that had lend me some good Milky Way Pictures. milky_way_MG_4227


 Lake Side, tranquility with the warm touching hues of the dusk, i enjoyed the transitions of light, during the hour i spent there! Sahyadri, India.

” तलावाकाठी” 

सध्या मला जणु कैफ चढलाय सांयकाळच्या रंगांचा! संधीप्रकाशाचा हा प्रवास मला मोहीत करुन गेला!! सह्याद्रीत कुठेही गेलो तरी त्या वातावरणाचा नुरच न्यारा!


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Grass Harvest

Grass Harvest
Grass Harvest

Grass Harvest, this image was clicked at the dusk, the formation of land & Grass bundles seen in the foreground were very interesting, they actually created this tranquil scene. this is the grass harvesting season in India.