Clouds @ Dusk, Nashik, India.


Clouds @ Dusk, Nashik, India.
Clouds & the long rays of sun made the mood of the picture! I knew it will be amazing out there and hence despite heavy rains in the city i left out in search of subjects with dear Ganesh Shirsath, it was fabulous search of eternal echo, with his flute and the roaring thunders & bolts.
8th May 2016, the non monsoon or early monsoon thunders gathered and with roaring winds & thunder bolts it rained heavy around Nashik, Maharashtra, India.
© Pravin Aswale 2016
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अापण दत्तोबांसारखे नशीबवान! अाकाशातल्या मुक्त ढगांच्या रंगांचा कॅनव्हास व चांदण्यांचा सहवास नेहमीच बघावयास योग्य जागी योग्य वेळी असण्याची भाग्य लाभलयं! लाखो रुपये मिळतील म्हणुन मनाविरुध्द, एथिक्स सोडुन काम करण नाही जमत, जमनारही नाही. बर्याच लोकांना हे रंग खोटे असल्याचा भास होतो! हो खरच काही लोकांना विश्वासच बसत नाही हे असं दिसतं निसर्गात, कारण डोळे वर करुन अाकाशाकडे बघायला वेळच नसतो, कारण त्यांच जगणं मुळात स्वतंसाठी नसतच, ह्या चंगळवादी जगात ते गहाण असतं वित्तसंस्थांकडे! प्रदुषन, वातावरणातील धुळ, हवेतील अाद्रता ह्या सगळ्यांचा योग्य समतोल असला की अापला पिक्चर पाणचट हिंदी सिनेमापेक्षा भारी होणारं हा विश्वास ठासुन अाहे अापल्यात!

तिरढ्यातले दत्तोबा भेटले, काय करतोय हे सागीतल्यावर काल याहीपेक्षा भारी होतं म्हटले.
दत्तोबा गायी घेऊन निघालेत, २०-२५ गायी, एक पिशवीभर सामान खाली घाट उतरुन कडव्याच्या खोर्यात चार महीणे काढणार, वर डोंगर माथ्यावर गायींना चारा, पाणी नाही म्हणुन भटकंती. परिसरातील बिबट्याची भीती नाही की चेहर्यावर निराशा नाही, डोळ्यात प्रचंड समाधान व अाशावाद! ते नेहमीच अनुभवत असलेल्या भन्नाट कॅनव्हासमध्ये त्यांनाही सामावण्याचा मोह मला अावरला नाही.
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I as shooting a movie, in mean while, i was looking at the transition of colours and reflection. the clouds turned warm the colour of water gone deep, this created the Mood for the picture and yes the grass complemented the composition.

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Tranquil Sky


[© PRAVIN ASWALE 2014] see full screen

This was the most tranquilizing experience I had witnessed in nature, yes the transition of colors, right from blue to yellow, to pink to red, to orange! I was so excited with the colors, and in between i was shooting and documenting that change was the most beautiful experience!
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During Dusk, Lake side, India.

During Dusk, Lakeside, India
I enjoyed Last Sunday, i. e. 14 12 2014. I was up since early and the day began with click’s Shutter only. I Just got our of Home and began shooting tiny flowers i was happy with the results will soon share those Flower pictures. The noon was a bit dull i did some engineering work, working on something, just got those things right and received call from a good friend of mine, he asked are going somewhere for the shoot, i said no haven’t planned any thing, but we can plan you came to me we go to lakeside, went on around 70kms fabulous dive, i enjoyed the curves meanwhile reaching the destination. the ambiance was just great, you will enjoy it i am sure!

During Dusk, Lake Side, India.
During Dusk, Lake Side, India.

Tranquil DUSK

Tranquil DUSK
Tranquil DUSK

Reflection in Calm & tranquil waters of Lake Valdevi, this was photographed during dusk this monsoon, i was impressed by the play of colours by Mother Nature!


Kokan Cliff

Kokan Cliff, Harishchandra Fort
Kokan Cliff, Harishchandra Fort

In summer this is a rude mountain-scape, shimmering in golden light. One of the famous mountain cliff in Western Ghats of India. Its called “Kokankada” in Marathi the local language.