Grass Flower

Grass Flower
Grass Flower

With globalization or urbanization on the rise around towns of India, the grasslands near all the cities and towns are vastly developed with constructions, industries and housings.  It is thus devastating the local ecology, thus affecting the life cycles of the plants, and small big creatures. May be  for future generation some of the species of plants and creatures will be vanished and can be seen only in pictures. Come together what we can do to stop this devastation.

7 thoughts on “Grass Flower

  1. Many can not see that our natural grass-lands and meadows are now disappearing for good as places become developed … Our nature reserves and natural habitats for birds and wild life need our attention urgently all over the world.. Lovely set of photos you have given us here _ I wish I had time today to comment upon more of them..
    Many thanks for sharing


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