Sweet Home!


I was heading towards Vishramgad Fort, for the early monsoon trek, mean while on the drive found this beautiful home on the foothill of the fort, hope i will have a home at such a serene  location.

Grass Flower

Grass Flower
Grass Flower

With globalization or urbanization on the rise around towns of India, the grasslands near all the cities and towns are vastly developed with constructions, industries and housings.  It is thus devastating the local ecology, thus affecting the life cycles of the plants, and small big creatures. May be  for future generation some of the species of plants and creatures will be vanished and can be seen only in pictures. Come together what we can do to stop this devastation.



Exactly year ago I photographed this Mango Tree at Lake Valdevi,  now again i went to the same place to get the different mood of this alone Mango tree, but me or Mango tree, someone among us was unfortunate, as the tree was completely dead. This image is the Tribute to the dead Mango Tree.

It was 7.30am in the morning, I dropped my son at his school and went ahead for my routine location scout nearby Nashik, I decided to take this unknown road, just went ahead ignoring the bumps, stones and dust on the way, and reached this place at 7.45am walked for some 100 meters distance as there was no road ahead can’t take my car ahead a SUV could have made it, and here I reached this serene place.  Found this alone mango tree fighting his own solitude.

It was 8 a.m.; the cool breezy morning has touched my soul.  The sky was cool blue, atmosphere clear though there were some clouds in the sky. it was refreshing sparkling  grass, and mountains in the backdrop, everything in the scene was glowing with the golden morning light. I was alone experiencing the thrill of driving and photographing the nature there, I shot almost 100+ images around this place, each one has unique character, when I came back the cars hatch door was full of dust.

This amazing serene place is approx. 10 kilometers from Nashik, you need to churn down some rough road, and rough, dusty terrain to get there. I tend to document the landscapes & city-scapes around the city.