Banyan Tree


While we head towards Village Pachnai to reach Harishchandra Fort, this huge banyan tree is standing lone but   happily to welcome us in the abode of beautiful region.

Cloud and Tree

Cloud and The Tree
Cloud and The Tree

Solitude, I have been always fascinated by alone trees, this one i had found on our trek to Mount Ghanchakkar, a very big mountain in north of Western Ghats. In Marathi Ghanchakkar means big mad round, on this big trek I found this image, one of the exotic scenic location in the Western Ghats. The day was clear with a good visibility as these days it is very hard to find a clear day here in India with growing industrialization the pollution is on the rise. Monsoon was just over there were green patches along with some wild flowers on the Lateritic plateau. The sky was quite clear, though there were some thunder clouds to support this beautiful composition.