Path to Jahagirdarwadi

Path, way to Jahagirdarwadi wadi, maharashtra
Towards the village

“Path to Jahagirdarwadi”, This village is based at the base of Mount Kalsubai, the highest pick in Maharashtra, India. We were heading for our monsoon trek, I along with Adil, Santosh & Ganesh. On our way when we reached this beautiful village, here it was raining heavy, wind was blowing whistle at the maxim level. This beautiful frame was curvy road, homes behind were calling me get out of the car and shoot, I never rejects such calls Ganesh gave cover to me and camera and the frame is ready. The water was flowing everywhere, the rice paddy were flowing In such conditions the villagers were busy doing their routine tasks without any modern rain covers.



Kalasubai-Kurang-Range, this image was shot from Manjargav, the best viewpoint to see the highest peak of Maharashtra, MOUNT KALSUBAI. It was late in the evening, the sun was about to set behind the clouds. the formation of clouds and the pond in the foreground made this landscape a grande view.