Textures @ SEA SHORE, 

While wandering on seashore, I found these  textures on the sea floor Yes some unbelievably beautyful textures and coloursFine art image gallery! 



Octagons, floral !! isn’t it interesting? Very amazing design I found in Konkan near Dighi port ferry!
“कोकण” खरच विशेष वाटतं ते घरांच्या अद्भुत रचनेसाठी व रंगासाठी! षटकोन, आयात, पानंफुलं सुंदरच!

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“STAR TRAIL” below the Kokan Cliff

"STAR TRAIL" below the Kokan cliff
“STAR TRAIL” below the Konkan Cliff

It was a starry night, though during the dusk and the whole day was a bit dull, cloudy i had wished to shoot a star trail here at this most thrilling location, windy chilling, just below the Konkan Cliff, a huge basalt rock wall was guarding us on one side, on the other its Rohidas-Kalbhairav peak. My LUCK was great the sky opend up i was happy at the moment i quickly prepared my camera for the shoot in the right direction, and the result is this amazing STAR TRAIL.
I along with Prashant, dnyaneshwar, Ammar and Pradip along with two local guides Kamlu and Ratan went on a thrilling trek to Rohidas-Kalbhairav, between we camped just below the famous Konkan Cliff of Harishchandra Fort, one of the most iconic place in Maharashtras history.
We all were exerted during the day as it was huge climb, at 7pm we reached desired camping site. Prepared tasty curry and rice for the dinner. it was chill all around and under the open sky, watching the stars, it was a mesmerizing experience.

Portrait of The Rock

The Rock
Portrait of The Rock

The Rock Facing Sea, i went on vacation to Harihareshwar, a holy place in Konkan region India, the sea here is always roaring the rocks here on the shore catches all the roar of the sea, I guess this is the perfect Portrait of The Rock at Sea-faceBeautiful morning light made the picture more beautiful.