@Lakeside, India. A Visual Treat

dongi, parked boats fishermens
@Lakeside, India.

It was just common off, i along with my friend went on a drive near by the town, we happened to reach the beautiful lake side, where 2 boats were parked by the local fishermen, resting in there conditions! I was in hurry taking pictures and making the use of the subject and the conditions, while dancing here and there, I lost my mobile at this location, while i came to know it was peach dark, still we tried to find it out but alas we didn’t succeeded in the attempt. so we decided to come back on the next morning again more opportunity for the shoot, so we were up early next morning, went to the place, just stepping down the car i located the phone which i was missed last evening. Although it was dramatic experience, the atmosphere was great i clicked some of my favourite pictures in between one of them is here for your visual treat!
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