During Dusk, Lake side, India.

During Dusk, Lakeside, India
I enjoyed Last Sunday, i. e. 14 12 2014. I was up since early and the day began with click’s Shutter only. I Just got our of Home and began shooting tiny flowers i was happy with the results will soon share those Flower pictures. The noon was a bit dull i did some engineering work, working on something, just got those things right and received call from a good friend of mine, he asked are going somewhere for the shoot, i said no haven’t planned any thing, but we can plan you came to me we go to lakeside, went on around 70kms fabulous dive, i enjoyed the curves meanwhile reaching the destination. the ambiance was just great, you will enjoy it i am sure!

During Dusk, Lake Side, India.
During Dusk, Lake Side, India.

Village Life, India.

colour full wall, hens, water, western ghats, people
Village Life, India,


Colorful Wall, in North Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India. People here in this part of the world choose very vivid colors for their doors and walls; i am always amazed with their sense of colors!