Jatra: a yearly religious fairwell of God Mhasoba Maharaj in my town Devlali, Nashik, India. A colourful event full of food, colours, people & fun. some colours i saw there in the event!

New Life



We see lot of things in Nature every day, But when we are bound with inner vision then what we see is something eternal!

Babool Tree


Babool Tree, against the expanse of clouds during dusk!

Sonaki Flowers, RatanGad.

Sonaki Flowers full Bloom, Fort RatanGad, INDIA.

This was the splendid experience i had in the Sahaydri mountains in 2007. Earlier we had plan to camp out here, somehow that got cancelled so we decided to go & back by evening, but as we reach the site, everyone accompanying me fall awe, and we decided to camp back and enjoy the place at fullest. So we sent back the local guy back to his village for some food for us, He came back with Bajarichi Bhakari (FLAT BAJARA BREAD). we enjoyed the food and chit chat whole night, as every ones it was first time camp so naturally all were ill-prepared for the camp. Thanks for the cave, we all 10 people got accommodated in the cave comfortably, though rats were there for havoc us during the night.

I personally got up early to have some great vies of the place and i shot some splendid atmosphere that morning. The Clouds were beneath us and we all were in seventh heaven, my god i never have experienced such a natural beauty by then. The basalt cliffs were just cutting the cotton balls of clouds, bellow them. the sonaki flowers were full bloom & were dancing with the wind. truly a bio diversity hub in Western Ghats.


Greenspace Talking: The War on Litter

Greenspace Walking

Ok so we’re doing a new thing. Greenspace Talking is going to be a series of posts that are not going to look at any one particular walk or place but rather talk about things that we encounter frequently on our travels that make us think “we should do a post about that!”

Some of these will touch on what we feel are important issues that surround walking and the outdoors, some of it will just be our near-incoherent ramblings. Some posts will be considered articles and others will inevitably evolve into ham-fisted rants, depending on the topic.

The first topic in Greenspace Talking is something that, should I come across it on one of our excursions, I try as best as possible to not let it infuriate me (usually to no avail). I refer of course to the one true plague of the outdoors – litter.

Harriet and I have seen quite a bit of it recently. It really saddens and angers…

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Falling Down

Water Falling Down, view from above the waterfall. The first rain made waterfalls and streams alive, with roaring & soothing music. 2016 July 3.falling_down_MG_7451