Colors & Textures

Today morning to Vegetable Market in Nashik, my hometown, went for street photography, explored the beauty of vegetable colors and textures.  Rich colors and textures of the subject mesmerized me.

Fresh Lime

Fresh Lime
Fresh Lime

This is march 2013, Harishchandra fort, Maharastra, India, I came here after 6 months, I spotted a change, many small Karvi shaks installed by the locals are ready to welcome you with refreshments and local food. The government of Maharashtra provided Tents to these people, this will help them to make living out of adventure sports and Eco-Tourism, this will also benefit trekkers and tourists. Though we were overwhelmed by the fresh lime water by Mr. Bharmal on the fort,  hope the growing tourism will not affect the ecology and cleanliness of the place.

Colors of Maharashtra

Colors of Maharashtra; the people in this region are very colorful, it is clearily seen in their lives, dark natural hues are common sites in Maharashtra's rural areas,
Colors of Maharashtra;

Colors of Maharashtra; the people in this region are very colorful, it is clearly seen in their lives, dark natural saturated hues are common sites in Maharashtra’s rural areas. It shows nothing but the pure spirit & cheerfulness of their living, though they live in poverty they are happy people. Living  joyfully and far away from materialism.

tridax procumbens

Tantani Flower
एकदांडी |  Tridax Procumbens

एकदांडी |  tridax procumbens | Kambarmodi in Marathi

This is  Tridax Procumbens, or more creatively i call them Dancing flowers as with its long stems these flowers dance with the wind. Found commonly in Maharashtra, Deccan. In our child hood days we used to play with these flowers, with its long stems we were able to make garlands and banquets. My grandfather used to tell us to use the stems & leaf juice on bleeding wounds to heal them fast & as hair tonic. this was the medicinal use of this plant. Tridax procumbens is known for several potential therapeutic activities like antiviral, anti oxidant antibiotic efficacious, wound healing activity, insecticidal and anti-inflammatory activity.