Sonaki Flowers, RatanGad.

Sonaki Flowers full Bloom, Fort RatanGad, INDIA.

This was the splendid experience i had in the Sahaydri mountains in 2007. Earlier we had plan to camp out here, somehow that got cancelled so we decided to go & back by evening, but as we reach the site, everyone accompanying me fall awe, and we decided to camp back and enjoy the place at fullest. So we sent back the local guy back to his village for some food for us, He came back with Bajarichi Bhakari (FLAT BAJARA BREAD). we enjoyed the food and chit chat whole night, as every ones it was first time camp so naturally all were ill-prepared for the camp. Thanks for the cave, we all 10 people got accommodated in the cave comfortably, though rats were there for havoc us during the night.

I personally got up early to have some great vies of the place and i shot some splendid atmosphere that morning. The Clouds were beneath us and we all were in seventh heaven, my god i never have experienced such a natural beauty by then. The basalt cliffs were just cutting the cotton balls of clouds, bellow them. the sonaki flowers were full bloom & were dancing with the wind. truly a bio diversity hub in Western Ghats.


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