During Dusk, Lake side, India.

During Dusk, Lakeside, India
I enjoyed Last Sunday, i. e. 14 12 2014. I was up since early and the day began with click’s Shutter only. I Just got our of Home and began shooting tiny flowers i was happy with the results will soon share those Flower pictures. The noon was a bit dull i did some engineering work, working on something, just got those things right and received call from a good friend of mine, he asked are going somewhere for the shoot, i said no haven’t planned any thing, but we can plan you came to me we go to lakeside, went on around 70kms fabulous dive, i enjoyed the curves meanwhile reaching the destination. the ambiance was just great, you will enjoy it i am sure!

During Dusk, Lake Side, India.
During Dusk, Lake Side, India.

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