Fresh Lime

Fresh Lime
Fresh Lime

This is march 2013, Harishchandra fort, Maharastra, India, I came here after 6 months, I spotted a change, many small Karvi shaks installed by the locals are ready to welcome you with refreshments and local food. The government of Maharashtra provided Tents to these people, this will help them to make living out of adventure sports and Eco-Tourism, this will also benefit trekkers and tourists. Though we were overwhelmed by the fresh lime water by Mr. Bharmal on the fort,  hope the growing tourism will not affect the ecology and cleanliness of the place.

11 thoughts on “Fresh Lime

  1. While it is good some will make a living from tourism, Lets hope the eco balance is not affected… In the mean time I bet the Lime Juice was a welcome refreshment 🙂


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