Dhangar Girl

Dhangar Girl

Dhangar Girl

She was willing to get herself photographed  look at her, even the heard is moving ahead she is still looking, She was not afraid of the camera. I was photographing there movements when they were passing by the road. “Dhangar” the shepherd people of Maharashtra, India. these people grow lambs and cattle’s to make their living, largely spread in Maharashtra’s Pune,  Ahemadnagar and Nashik districts. They used to migrate in summer for water and food for there cattle’s and lambs. So many days of the year they make camps open to sky.


17 thoughts on “Dhangar Girl

      • Yes, I often wonder though Pravin with all the ‘Things’ we do have? who is Happier?? We often go through life working hard to acquire ‘Things’… working harder than ever to acquire still more….
        And at the end of the day.. We still depart this world taking only our memories and hearts with us along our final journey.. 🙂

        Loving your photos, many thanks for sharing, and although I do not comment upon them all, I love to view them..
        Blessings sent your way


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