tridax procumbens

Tantani Flower
एकदांडी |  Tridax Procumbens

एकदांडी |  tridax procumbens | Kambarmodi in Marathi

This is  Tridax Procumbens, or more creatively i call them Dancing flowers as with its long stems these flowers dance with the wind. Found commonly in Maharashtra, Deccan. In our child hood days we used to play with these flowers, with its long stems we were able to make garlands and banquets. My grandfather used to tell us to use the stems & leaf juice on bleeding wounds to heal them fast & as hair tonic. this was the medicinal use of this plant. Tridax procumbens is known for several potential therapeutic activities like antiviral, anti oxidant antibiotic efficacious, wound healing activity, insecticidal and anti-inflammatory activity.


7 thoughts on “tridax procumbens

  1. Nice snap Pravin. Some correction with the name. This is Tridax procumbens. I dont know its common name. Tantani is another plant and its name is Lantana camara or Lantana aculeata. Its also known as ghaneri.


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