Stream at Pahine

Stream at Pahine

Stream at Pahine

The very beautiful place, in my early days of photography i always wonder in this area! the occasional light streak in cloudy weather illuminated this scene to make it one of my favorite! 

During Dusk, Lake side, India.

During Dusk, Lakeside, India
I enjoyed Last Sunday, i. e. 14 12 2014. I was up since early and the day began with click’s Shutter only. I Just got our of Home and began shooting tiny flowers i was happy with the results will soon share those Flower pictures. The noon was a bit dull i did some engineering work, working on something, just got those things right and received call from a good friend of mine, he asked are going somewhere for the shoot, i said no haven’t planned any thing, but we can plan you came to me we go to lakeside, went on around 70kms fabulous dive, i enjoyed the curves meanwhile reaching the destination. the ambiance was just great, you will enjoy it i am sure!

During Dusk, Lake Side, India.

During Dusk, Lake Side, India.



Though The Trees, India.
This was shot during my last Landscaping expedition. We were up early after shooting the rising sun, the mist, clouds, I was still hungry for more as always, and yes there were few great Frames found that day!

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@Lakeside, India. A Visual Treat

dongi, parked boats fishermens

@Lakeside, India.

It was just common off, i along with my friend went on a drive near by the town, we happened to reach the beautiful lake side, where 2 boats were parked by the local fishermen, resting in there conditions! I was in hurry taking pictures and making the use of the subject and the conditions, while dancing here and there, I lost my mobile at this location, while i came to know it was peach dark, still we tried to find it out but alas we didn’t succeeded in the attempt. so we decided to come back on the next morning again more opportunity for the shoot, so we were up early next morning, went to the place, just stepping down the car i located the phone which i was missed last evening. Although it was dramatic experience, the atmosphere was great i clicked some of my favourite pictures in between one of them is here for your visual treat!
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Off Drive

Mount Kalsubai, Alang, Madan, Kurang range, in beautiful yet tough Sahyadri mountains, Maharashtra, India. I never have a question what next while I am free. It either turn out to be a raw off road drive in Sahyadri, Else the camping with friends in beauty and warmth of Sahyadri or the experiencing the ferocious, chilling winds on top of mountains! It’s always beautiful and thrilling! One beautiful lush green, chilled evening me along with Chetan Thorat, Chetan Chavan went on driving palio (one more pleasure along with photography). We reached Manjargav a small hamlet on the foothill of Mount kalsubai. The clouds were touching and moving swiftly over the mountains, the chilled wind was moving and touching us swiftly giving freezing experience. The sun was playing hide and seek with me

कळसुबाई, अलंग, मदन, कुरंग रांग! एकुणच सह्याद्रीच्या रौद्र व अतिशय सुंदर रुपामधले एक मानाचे पान! फावल्या वेळात काय करायचे हा प्रश्न आता पडतच नाही, पावलं आपोआप सह्याद्री फिरवुन आणतात, मग वेळेनुसार कधी फक्त रॅा आॅफ रोड ड्राईव्ह असतं, किंवा सह्यकुशीत मित्रांसोबत केलेली कॅंपींग असतं! नाहीतर गडमाथ्यावर अनुभवलेला वार्याचा थरार असतो! अशाच एका रम्य हिरव्याकंच संध्याकाळी पॅलीओ घेऊन मी, चेतन थोरात, चेतन चव्हाण मांजरगाव शिवारात पोचलो! ऊन सगळ्या रस्त्यांनं मला हुलकावणी देत होतं, ढग मस्त डोंगरांच्या अंगाखांद्यावर खेळून हळुवारपणे पुढे सरकत होते! मंद गार वारा अंगाला झोंबुन वेड लावत पुढे निघत होता! !


Matchbox, Lens Cap and Startrail

Matchbox, Lens Cap and Startrail

Matchbox, Lens Cap and Startrail

Matchbox, Lens Cap and Startrail  काडेपेटी, लेन्स कॅप व स्टारट्रेल

STAR TRAIL, this was shot during our last camping around NASIK, India! my first experience with shooting star trails was a bitter or funny, I along with some friends went on expedition, left our match box at home! so no fire that day we tried everything to lite to lite up fire including all the methods BEAR GRYLLS had described in his shows, and the others we know, but nothing worked in our favor. so we did our dinner fruits, without camp fire and all. While chatting i decided to try my first ever star trail but we don’t have intervalometer with us, I took some trail exposes, we succeed in that, and we shot around 100-125 shots that too manually! in between i checked if its going ok and found the all the frames coming out black upon investigation found the lens cap was there on the lens! all the efforts were lost!
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काडेपेटी, लेन्स कॅप व स्टारट्रेल
मित्रांनो २०११-१२ मध्ये मी, गणेश शिरसाठ, संजय अमृतकर, सुमेध वर्तक आणि सागर जोशी अलंग किल्ल्यावर गेलो, “काडेपेटी” घरी, आम्ही मुक्कमाला किल्ल्यावर! बीअर ग्रील्स याने सांगीतलेले व इतर सर्व आग पेटवायचे प्रयोग करुन सगळे थकले! चुल पेटली, कॅंप फायरही झाली नाही. मग रात्री गप्पा मारता मारता सहज डोक्यात आले की स्टार ट्रेल शुट करु, म्हणून ट्रायल एक्स्पोजर घेतलं, समाधानकारक परीणाम मिळाला, मी, सागर, सुमेध खुश!! मग मी पुढील तयारी करुन गप्पा मारता मारता मी १००-१२५ एक्स्पोजर्स (मॅन्यअली इंटरव्हल टायमर ट्रीगर न लावता) घेतली! मध्येच एकदा चेक करुन पहावं म्हणून प्ले करुन बघितले तर कायच दिसायला तयार नाही, सगळा काळोख! सगळं उलट तपासनीस पाहीलं तर लेन्स कॅप पुढे लागलेलीच राहिली, परीणामी सगळी मेहनत वाया!

Off the CLIFF

This was shot back in 2007, my very first adventure Trek to Fort Ratangad, Sahyadri, Western Ghats India. very mesmerizing colors, the clouds under were below us, the enormous CLIFF of Mount Katrabai, everything was Tranquilizing!

Wild Flower

Wild Flower.

Tranquil DUSK

Village Life, India.

colour full wall, hens, water, western ghats, people

Village Life, India,


Colorful Wall, in North Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India. People here in this part of the world choose very vivid colors for their doors and walls; i am always amazed with their sense of colors!

Khurasani Farm

pa__03812khurasani flowers: Monsson is real agriculture season in India. many people do cultivation on mountain slopes. KhuraasNi seeds (Botanical name: Veronina Anthelmintica). Slender black and nutritious, antihelmintic seeds are used to make Chutney.


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