Stream at Pahine

Stream at Pahine

Stream at Pahine

The very beautiful place, in my early days of photography i always wonder in this area! the occasional light streak in cloudy weather illuminated this scene to make it one of my favorite! 

Khurasani Farm

pa__03812khurasani flowers: Monsson is real agriculture season in India. many people do cultivation on mountain slopes. KhuraasNi seeds (Botanical name: Veronina Anthelmintica). Slender black and nutritious, antihelmintic seeds are used to make Chutney.


Stream, Waterfall, Taked.

Waterfall, Taked.

This is perhaps from  my first Photo Trail this monsoon season. this season monsoon did well, perhaps at some location it pored too much. Was not able to be out there and shoot something, but this small excursion with my Friends turned out great photo-opportunity.



I am searching for better frames throughout these days. For that I am leaving home early in the morning, since then the l am amused to see the light! Everything in nature gets new dimension! This one is though a rude looking scene but the light played here and gave dimensions to it! amused to see the light

Dry Grass Series


Dry Grass Series, This is a series about grass beauty, forms, light, rhythm of nature!

Banyan Tree 2

Towards Light

ƒ(d) = 3d³ ± x

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Devirusez… deparazitez… deliberez…

Dintâia-mi dorință dis-de-dimineață-i Dido!

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Morning glory

While on morning walk I saw very beautiful light!



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