Towards Light

ƒ(d) = 3d³ ± x

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Devirusez… deparazitez… deliberez…

Dintâia-mi dorință dis-de-dimineață-i Dido!

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Morning glory

While on morning walk I saw very beautiful light!


Trees in the Jungle

Trees in Jungle. Watercolour on Paper, Transparent. This painting was done in 2013 by me.



Bhavali Village, watercolour on paper.

One cloudy day at Village Bhavali. A watercolour on paper. Size 13″x20″. This painting is available for sale. Price on demand.

Since childhood I am always fascinated by tranquility of watercolours. Since last couple of months I have drastically pulled towards my love for watercolour paintings, and I have started painting again. Some of them I am sharing with you all.


Cattle in Grassland

bulls, grassland

cattle in grassland

Cattle in the Grassland, I was as usual in search for landscape, it was dusk, i found these bulls tied in the grassland were waiting hopefully for their owner to came back to take them home!



Landscape at Ghargad

Landscape at Ghargad

Landscape at Ghargad, very serene and beautiful grassland it is, i always love to wonder and shoot at this place this is one my best photographs  of the place!  fine art print available in any size, please contact:


Mindscape, a creative landscape, done in watercolour on paper, these days I am again developing interest in painting and sketching, since childhood I loved to paint with watercolors. But meanwhile due to professional commitments I left watercolors behind, now again I have started painting, this one is among the one last night I painted.


Portrait of a Dead Leaf

Camera paintings

Paintings with slow shutter speed, just open the shutter of camera and run, be careful you are not loosing camera while running!




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